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  • There is a fair amount of walking involved, on uneven ground.
  • Please consider carpooling to PIT.
  • Required PPE:
    • Hard Hat
    • Safety Glasses with side shields (Wider arm is usually sufficient.)
    • Sleeved Shirt (Short sleeves are sufficient.)
    • Long Pants
    • Hi-Vis Vest
    • Cut-resistant Gloves (Typical work gloves should meet this requirement.)
    • Work Boots (Steel toes are not required, but your boots should be a sturdy leather, or for hiking.)
  • Print, sign, and bring your copy of the Hold Harmless form.
  • Bring your Photo ID.
  • 1:30 PM is when we'll all meet at the location indicated in this Google Pin link. None of us are permitted to be on site without our escort and tour guide, Scott Ellis.
  • Or, take the Clinton Road exit (the next exit past the airport entrance road, heading west). Turn right and follow the barrier to the green dot on this map and this map. (You should see the runway from this location). Turn right at the end of the concrete barrier, and park your vehicle.
  • We will then condense into as few cars as possible.
  • Next, we'll stop at the guard shack to get our guest passes and to sign in.
  • We will then go to the safety trailer and receive a short safety briefing.
  • 4:00ish PM is when we'll wrap up our tour.
  • Again--all attendees MUST be escorted by Scott while on the construction site. Stay with our group.

Site Tour of the PIT Terminal Modernization Program

On Thursday, June 27, we met at the airport and took a fascinating journey!

CMAA3R PIT Site Tour group photo

Scott Ellis of HDR, and Joseph Cornell of Jacobsen|Daniels guided us through Pittsburgh International Airport's Terminal Modernization Program. 13 members of our Chapter spent the afternoon walking the site with Scott and Joe. They discussed goals, progress, and the tricky logistics for this project, as well as briefing us on the Nature-Technology-Community (NaTeCo) design theme.

We saw everything from siren-sensing emergency lights and outdoor green spaces, to the prominent spot reserved for “Pittsburgh,” the beloved mobile that Alexander Calder created in 1958. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us!

 Learn More Here

Thank you, Scott and Joe!